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Sunday, July 17, 2005

102 Things About Me

1. I Love My Mother!
2. I Love My Daughter Carole. She's the BEST daughter and friend I could ever wish for.
3. I Love My Grandson Tyler!
4. I'm mesmerized by the music of Cat Stevens.
5. I really love Jaguars - the CAR.
6. I wish I could house all the stray animals on the planet.
7. I hate seeing old people AND animals suffer.
8. I wish the Earth had total peace and harmony.
9. Unity is my choice of faith.
10. I'm curious about the Bahai faith.
11. At my age, I need to get "work done"!
12. I wish Gina would stop puking!
13. Since I have to work, I'm glad I really like my job!
14. I'm absolutely anal and obsessive-compulsive.
15. I can't stand that Fred nests ALL OVER the house!
16. I can understand my Mother's nesting...Hell! She's 90!
17. I Love my kitties: Siobhann, Merlyn Majik, TaraElyse, & Gina.
18. I Love my "Friday Nights" at my daughter's, it keeps my sanity.
19. I Love Virginia Beach!
20. I'm still saddened by my Sister's (Joyce Lee) passing in 2000.
21. I'm thankful for my Sista Karen and I love her.
22. I feel that I need to contact my second husband's parents before it's too late.
23. I'm good at interpreting dreams.
24. I Love to cook!
25. I would love to have a gourmet kitchen.
26. This is the day of my birth.
27. I'm happy that my birth flower AND my birthstone are purple!
28. Most of the time, I'm in my fantasy world to escape from painful things.
29. I hate watching the news.
30. Canasta is my card game of choice.
31. I'm fortunate to have very good friendships that have lasted well into decades.
32. God is Love.
33. I would love to be at a massive family reunion..it's been way too long.
34. I know myself extremely well and I still like myself!
35. I'm not afraid or ashamed to cry, with or without a friend.
36. I love black & white photos.
37. I think Nature is God's best creation.
38. Why must there be wars?
39. I never could sleep late!
40. I'm definitely positive.
41. I would rather live in a round house that I designed and built.
42. The mountains are awesome!
43. I'll never weigh 118 again! I'm SO happy about that!
44. I thoroughly enjoyed the Disco era; it was physically fantastic!
45. I love "girly" stuff!
46. I love the feeling of being in love.
47. I don't understand my two nephews...at all.
48. I'm glad I didn't die when I was 42.
49. I will always miss my two deceased kitties: Lucifer and Taylore
50. I don't require a lot of "me" time, thankfully.
51. I miss being proficient at meditation and yoga.
52. I would do anything in my power to help a loved one.
53. I love having banana pancakes on the ocean shore and watching the sunrise!
54. I really enjoy camping in the mountains.
55. I once was a "hippy chick" complete with tiny hair braids and purple sunglasses.
56. I saved a childhood friend from drowning.
57. I wish "Captain Freedom" was here in Dallas.
58. I love old, huge houses!
59. I had an unsolicited comment from a psychic once, long ago, "You're aura is beautiful!"
60. I love the feeling of marble.
61. I'm glad I witnessed one total eclipse of the Sun in my lifetime.
62. The planets and universe intrique me.
63. I am still looking for my Unicorn!
64. I would love to be able to go back in time...then I could get to know my Father.
65. I'm artistic and can draw better than average.
66. I have a huge imagination!
67. Believe it or not, I *could* be happier!
68. I'm happy to have my SUV, a Nissan XTerra.
69. I enjoy wine tastings, especially in Germany or California.
70. I love music!
71. I enjoy learning all about Egyptology and Mythology.
72. I feel I have had lots of other lives.
73. I have an affinity for Egypt.
74. I once took a picture of an albino Cobra!
75. Snakes are SO interesting!
76. I want a new front door!
77. If I had a farm, I'd own a couple of Llamas.
78. I've always wanted to be able to have an Afghan Hound.
79. My Father was an exceptional artist and a Pisces as well.
80. Both my first in-laws have passed over...what a loss.
81. I feel that this life is all about the choices you make.
82. I also feel that how you live in this life affects the next.
83. I love meeting new friends!
84. I'm not afraid of talking in front of a group.
85. I'm amazed at how things usually work out for the best. God knows.
86. I'm so glad Al Gore invented the internet!!!
87. I try to be tactful, but some things just have to be said.
88. There's only one real irritant in my life - See "WTF"!
89. I like going to garage sales...if only there was time.
90. I actually have a library card!
91. I enjoy playing the Myst series of computer games.
92. I enjoy making jewelry with my daughter...again, not much time these days.
93. I like road trips!
94. I get bored sometimes and always restless.
95. I love the smell of Shalimar.
96. I don't regret my past mistakes because I can still see the good they produced.
97. Life is learning...
98. I want nothing but happiness for those I love.
99. I think it's treason to destroy our flag!
100. I think we should fire the entire government and get GOOD people in office.
101. I tend to totally forget bad stuff. It's a blessing!
102. I want my legacy to be "She Came, She Loved Deeply, and She Learned".

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